Why Buy Sustainable?

Why Buy Sustainable?

Some of the "less obvious" reasons to buy sustainable fashion

Buying sustainable reduces waste associated with the fashion industry. Recycled fabrics use almost no water and 50% less CO2. Organic fabrics are non harmful to the environment and humans working with/growing the crops.

This we all know by now (we hope...)

But here are some less obvious reasons to buy sustainable fashion.

1. Cost

Sustainable fashion generally costs more than fast fashion for many reasons.

The value translates to your psychology, the higher the value of the item, the more you will appreciate & take care of it. It is likely that you will wear it much longer than cheap fast fashion pieces.

It is well known from research in human psychology that we don't tend to appreciate things we get for free or didn't work for as much. This is why its common for lottery winners to spend their winnings within a few years. 

That's one reason we are used to buying high volumes of fast fashion and treat it as disposable.

2. Puts Pressure On Unsustainable Companies

When more people become educated and start shopping for sustainable fashion, it puts real pressure on unsustainable & unethical companies to change their practices in order not to retain customers or get back the customers they lost.

It makes these companies think, admit mistakes, and hopefully change. By participating in sustainable fashion you are influencing the industry and demanding change.

3. Habit

Once you've bought sustainable fashion and understand the value and positive impact, the choice to choose sustainability will likely translate to other areas of your life. You will begin to naturally choose the more sustainable choices.


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