eKONIQ - (Launch March 2022) Partner Brands

eKONIQ - (Launch March 2022) Partner Brands

eKONIQ Presents Lineup of Partnered Brands Upon Launch of Online Store

 Upon the official launch of our online store, we are proud to present our lineup of brands available now to shop. If you missed our previous blog discussing what we look for in sustainable streetwear brands, follow the link at the end of this blog.


Saint Virgo

Featured Product: Crest Team T-Shirt - White
Country of Origin: UK
Year Established: 2021
Sustainable Garment Materials: 100% Organic Cotton
Notes: "Premium Oversized Streetwear Made To Last" 
They are an Independent Clothing Company who pride themselves as a new company to use only sustainable fabrics, recyclable / decomposable packaging and zero waste. Their goals for now and the near future is to continue to grow their product lines and create more premium garments and support the sustainable lifestyle along with finding more ways to help our planet.
They create several collections each year, each one with a unique theme and story behind it. 
Additionally, All of their collections are inspired by different cultures and eras.
Click here to learn more about Saint Virgo
Shop our range of Unisex Saint Virgo products here


Featured Products:
Country of Origin: Australia
Year Established: 2006
Sustainable Garment Materials: Organic Cotton, Recycled Cotton/Polyester/Nylon, Hemp
Notes: Driven by environmental and social impacts, they strive to do what's best for people and the planet; to design and deliver durable, eco-friendly and timeless apparel that will last a lifetime.
Afends has proudly formed a global family of like-minded and creative individuals, united by a shared passion for breathing the spirit of their lifestyles and values into the brand. They want to voice positive change and be the role models for people to think outside the box and question everything. 
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Shop our range of Unisex, Mens, and Womens Afends products here


Featured Product: Record Tee / Green

Country of Origin: Germany

Year Established: 2003

Sustainable Garment Materials: Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester


Coming from skate, music and street culture, their mental influence was and always will be the understanding and interaction between people. They set out to be a lifestyle brand that mixes subcultures combined with fashionable designs to create products that serve the global youth culture.
They only produce what has been ordered by their customers and cover their own needs with the necessary quantity. This way they avoid unnecessary overproduction which does not find any takers at the end of a season. 
Click here to learn more about Wemoto
Shop our range of Wemoto products here


Featured Product: Varsity Hoodie / Green

Country of Origin: Denmark

Year Established: 1995

Sustainable Garment Materials: Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester

Notes: Driven by an ambition to provide affordable yet durable menswear to a style-considered consumer, Revolution's collections emphasize on expressive looks, comfortable fits and attention to details.

Taking inspiration from cultural nostalgia, graphic design, urban sports and vintage clothing, Revolution launches two contemporary collections as well as two revolutionary capsules every year.
Never wavering from the standpoint of being a staple Scandinavian streetwear label, Revolution continues to explore trends while holding on to the core identity and heritage of the brand.
Click here to learn more about Revolution
Shop our range of Revolution products here


To read our previous blog discussing what we look for in the brands we partner with, click here

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